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About Us

    TsokoFino is manufactured by Zaan Japanese Tea House which produces high quality boxed chocolates using uniquely natural Philippine ingredients (such as mango and pili).

     We aim to satisfy the demand of mainly foreign visitors/tourists as well as expats from different countries who come to the Philippines.

    Apart from tourists and expats who need Philippine souvenirs for themselves or gifts to their friends, families and associates, Filipinos will find the chocolates ideal gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Valentine celebrations, or party favors during weddings and other special events. 

      Its vision is that the best of the Philippines is made available to people all over the world.


  Zaan Japanese Tea House was born out of the idea of social advocacy.  The social advocacy started in the PARAA PINOY concept whose vision is to create a social enterprise with the mission to uplift the lives of the young labor force and help women from depressed communities by engaging them in a decent and worthy means of livelihood, helping them live out moral values by working together for the common good of the Filipino and the Filipino nation.

It operates as a not-for-profit social business so that the benefits are shared with as many people in need as possible  

A social enterprise (SE) is an enterprise with a social mission. SE businesses do not only focus on their financial benefits; rather, it pushes them to achieve multiple bottom lines: economic, social, and environmental. Social enterprises mainly aim to reduce poverty by making the poor the primary stakeholders. This can be achieved by encouraging the poor and the powerless to engage and actively participate in the creation of sustainable and local economies. This said; poor people are given equal chances in creating their own businesses and managing their own resources.(Aira Quinones, May 31, 2012, http://www.entrepreneur.com.ph/ideas-and-opportunities/article/making-social-entrepreneurship-work)